Steel Personnel Doors

Our steel personnel doors deliver the utmost in security, making them ideal for all types of commercial and industrial premises. We have supplied, installed and maintained steel doors to clients based throughout Munster and are proud to have gained a strong reputation for the quality of both our products and our services.

Steel personnel doors by A Class Shutters Ltd. can be used as a communal door, fire exit door, acoustic door, sports hall door, etc. We also give our clients the option of customising the door to meet individual requirements. Our steel doors can be fitted with special locks, ventilation windows, glass windows, door viewers, screen panels and more. If the door is fitted in an area where it may become affected by rust or corrosion, stainless steel material or anti-rust coating may be used.

Our steel personnel doors provide maximum security, protecting your people, property and other assets. We have a variety of specifications available and can provide a door that is customised to meet exact requirements. For more information on our range of steel personnel doors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Personnel Doors

  • Can I customise my steel personnel doors?

    Yes! A Class Shutters gives our clients the option to customise their steel doors to meet your own unique requirements. Call us today to get a free, no obligation quote.

  • What type of material do you use for your steel doors?

    If we are installing your steel personnel door in an area that it may be affected by rust or corrosion, we are able to use a stainless steel material or coat your security doors in an anti-rusting agent.

  • What can your steel personnel doors be used as?

    Our steel doors can be used in many different ways from fire exit doors to security doors to communal doors. At A Class Shutters, our steel personnel doors provide maximum security. Call us today to discuss your needs.